EQE 700.01 - Graduate Seminar

COURSE NO AND TITLE : EQE 700.01 - Graduate Seminar

INSTRUCTOR : Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ufuk Hancılar  Phone: 216-516 3217
COURSE SYLLABUS :  The course is meant to give students practice speaking in front of an audience and to explore topics of their own choosing in detail as well as to expose and expand the student's perceptive and awareness regarding the topics of interest to earthquake engineering. These will be achieved by students’ presentations, guest lectures and presentations/lectures by the instructor.
Students will research topics and organize presentations. The topics may be any aspect of earthquake engineering and must be approved by the instructor in advance. Students will submit a detailed outline (1 – 1.5 pages) of their presentation as well as a brief abstract (one or two paragraphs) describing their presentation along with a bibliography. Unless cleared with the instructor, students may not give a presentation similar to one delivered in another class. Students will deliver 25-minute presentations. 10 to 15-minute discussion sessions will follow. To help students improve as speakers, each student will receive feedback from the fellow students and the instructor.
Guest lectures will be given by the other department members and invited speakers. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the expertise of the speakers by actively participating in lively discourse.
Attendance will be taken at each class and participation to at least 70 per cent of the seminars is required to get a passing grade.
DURATION & HOURS PER WEEK : 1 hrs per week / Non credit

GRADING BASIS :  Based on the students’ performance during the classes. 70% attendance is required to get a passing grade.