Expressions of Interest Open! Frontiers of Development Symposium: Disaster Resilience Istanbul, Turkey|2–4 March 2020

Expressions of Interest Open!  Frontiers of Development Symposium: Disaster Resilience  Istanbul, Turkey|2–4 March 2020 

Express your interest to join this interdisciplinary event, in partnership with Boğaziçi University and collaboration with the Academy of Medical Sciences, British Academy and Royal Society.  
The event will bring together the brightest early- and mid-career researchers, innovators and practitioners from across disciplines and around the globe to discuss disaster resilience, a critical issue that underpins many development challenges and efforts.  The event is in alignment with research by the UKRI GCRF Urban Disaster Risk Hub whose work in Istanbul is led by  Boğaziçi University and University College London.  
The event will explore a range of themes, led by participants, including:
  1. Understanding vulnerabilities and crisis points, including systemic vulnerabilities 
  2. Embedding disaster resilience into broader development interventions
  3. Efficient post-disaster recovery phase that supports wellbeing
  4. The importance of governance in resilience building
  5. Sharing best practise and lessons learned   

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11 February 2020