EQE 695 – Special Topics in Earthquake Engineering: “Seismic Safety of Industrial Facilities"

COURSE NO AND TITLE : EQE 695 – Special Topics in Earthquake Engineering: “Seismic Safety of Industrial Facilities“

INSTRUCTOR : Assoc. Prof. Eren Uçkan
COURSE OBJECTIVES : The course focuses on the seismic  behavior and risk mitigation of  critical non building structures and buried pipes which are commonly used in water and hydrocarbon transportation and storage industries.
  • Terminology
  • Classification of storage units in industry (Ground supported, elevated, atmospheric and  pressurised tanks, vessels and silos)
  • Classification of water and oil transportation utilities and  pipes: segmented and continous pipes


  • Performance of liquid and dry material storage tanks during earthquakes
  • Simplified models for analysing tank-lquid systems
  • Risk mitigation measures in tanks by base isolation, energy absorbing devices

Buried pipes :

  • Behavior of  segmented and continous pipes under wave propogation and permenant ground deformation ground hazards
  • Fragility expressions
  • Performance based design of steel pipes at abrupt (fault crossings) and spatial (landslide-debris flow)  
PREREQUISITES : Knowledge of structural dynamics and the familiarity with the commonly used FE software.
DURATION & HOURS PER WEEK : 12 weeks, 3 hours per week
GRADING BASIS : Term projects  will be assigned from one of the  above mentioned topics (Tanks or Buried pipes); no mid-term or final exam.

( Relevant papers will be distributed in the class )

  • Response of Buried Pipelines Subject to Earthquake Effects: MCEER99-MN03 by M.J. O'Rourke and X. Liu
  • Seismic Design of Buried and Offshore Pipelines 12-MN04  by M.J. O'Rourke and (Jack) X. Liu
  • AmericanLifelinesAlliance  Seismic Guidelines for Water Pipelines ALA 2005