EQE 682 - Special Topics in Earthquake Engineering "Seismic Isolation of Structures"

COURSE NO AND TITLE : EQE 682 - Special Topics in Earthquake Engineering: Seismic Isolation of Structures

INSTRUCTOR : Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erdik
COURSE OBJECTIVES : The course aims at providing knowledge on modern methods and concepts of seismic isolation of structures, with emphasis on the reduction of vibration and earthquake effects on buildings and bridges. Various passive control strategies (such as supplemental dampers, isolation and tuned-mass dampers) will also be covered.
  • Review of Vibration Fundamentals
  • Review of Earthquake Effects on Structures
  • Fundamental Theory on Structural Control.
  • Methods of Passive Control
  • Seismic Isolation

Theory of Seismic Isolation
Types, Mechanical and Engineering Properties of Isolation Units
Design of Isolation Systems
Code Approach for Seismic Isolation
Seismic Input for Seismic Isolation Design
Testing of Isolation Units
Examples of Seismic Isolation

  • Tuned Mass Dampers
  • Relevant Design Codes
  • Introduction to Semi-Active and Active Vibration Control
PREREQUISITES : Structural Dynamics Course
GRADING BASIS : Term Paper and Homeworks
REFERENCE TEXTBOOKS : Design of Seismic Isolated Structures --  F.Naeim and J.M.Kelly