EQE 630 – Earthquake Response Analysis of Structures II

COURSE NO AND TITLE : EQE 630 – Earthquake Response Analysis of Structures II

INSTRUCTORProf. Dr. Sinan Akkar

COURSE OBJECTIVES : The objective of the course is to present theoretical and practical aspects of performance-based assessment and design, including traditional and advanced forms of pushover analysis and nonlinear response history analysis in the time domain.
  1. Main concepts in Performance Based Earthquake Engineering (1 week)
  2. Nonlinear response analysis of structures (9 weeks)
  • Nonlinear behaviour at material and component levels
  • Nonlinear Response Analysis of SDOF Systems
  • Nonlinear Response Analysis of MDOF Systems
    • Pushover Analysis
    • Nonlinear Response History Analysis
  1. Framework of performance based earthquake engineering (PBEE) (4 weeks)
  • Classical code approach
  • State-of-the-art probabilistic concepts implemented in PBEE
PREREQUISITES : EQE 530 or a similar course on Structural Dynamics.
DURATION & HOURS PER WEEK : 12 weeks, 3 hours per week

ASSIGNMENTS:  Assignments will contain the following topics

  • Nonlinear response analysis of SDOF systems
  • Nonlinear response analysis of MDOF systems (Pushover and response history analyses of 2D buildings)
  • Main tools used in classical and state-of-the art PBEE implementation

Grading will be based on the assignments and the term project. The students may be required to make presentations as part of their assignments and term project.

COMPUTER SKILLS: Basic conduct of MS Office software. Familiarity to a computer programming language (e.g., Matlab) would be beneficial. Familiarity to some structural analysis programs (e.g., SAP2000) would also be beneficial.  

(optional) course notes will be provided.
Chopra, A.K. “Dynamics of Structures, Prentice Hall