EQE 583 Selected Topics in Earthquake Engineering: Seismic Hazard Assessment

COURSE NO AND TITLE : EQE 583 Selected Topics in Earthquake Engineering: Seismic Hazard Assessment
INSTRUCTOR : Karin Sesetyan, PhD
COURSE OBJECTIVES : Assessment of seismic hazard, meaning the computation of the levels of specific ground motion parameters that are likely to occur at a site, is one the key components in all seismic risk mitigation activities. The areas of applicability vary from the assessment of design basis ground motions corresponding to different performance levels for the aseismic design of individual structures to regional scale assessments for seismic design code requirements as well as for all earthquake risk mitigation activities. Although it is known that earthquake occurrences are governed by the physics of the earth, a large amount of uncertainties are involved in the chain of estimations from the occurrence of the event to the level of ground motion that will be experienced at a specific site. In this course, the approaches and methodologies for the assessment of the seismic hazard at a single construction site or at regional scale will be taught. The objective of the course is to give to the engineer the capability of conducting a site specific PSHA/DSHA study and to interpret and use the results.
COURSE SYLLABUS : The first lectures will be devoted to introduction of general concepts, the background physical information on earthquake occurrences and the main approaches used in the assessment of seismic hazard. The core of the lecture will be dedicated to the step-by-step evaluation and modelling of each ingredient in the seismic hazard assessment, which will be combined in the final model. The course will make use of different freely available seismic hazard assessment software defining their areas of applicability together with their advantages and disadvantages. Case studies will be conducted to assess sensitivity of the results to different models and parameters used. Finally an introduction will be made to design basis ground motion concept as well as the accompanying time history selection and scaling procedures.
PREREQUISITES : EQE 400 or EQE 520 are suggested
DURATION & HOURS PER WEEK : 3 hrs per week / 3+0+0
GRADING BASIS : Reports  and take home exam
REFERENCE TEXTBOOKS : Articles from scientific journals